We value our patients’ experience at Back On Track Chiropractic. Please take a moment to read what our fantastic patients have written about their time with us.

Dr. Cynthia Long

August 5, 2015

I came to chiropractic about a year ago with intermittent back pain, hip and knee pain.  It was fairly accurate to say I was in mild to medium pain every hour of the day.  My quality of life nose-dived.  The orthopedic surgeon I visited diagnosed me with mild stenosis, two degenerative discs and one bulging disc.  His suggestion was first physical therapy, second cortisone shots and as a last resort, surgery.

I immediately enrolled in physical therapy, going for 2 hours, three times per week.  They tried: exercises, deep tissue massage, hot packs, ice packs, traction and acupunture.  I did this for about six months and improved about 60% or so.  However, it was still difficult to go up and down stairs and painful to press down on the gas pedal on long car rides.  So imagine my shock when they just upped and dismissed me.  “But I’m still in pain!” I protested.  They claimed there was nothing more they could do and referred me back to my orthopedic surgeon.

Well, I had no intention of returning to “band-aid” cortisone shots or surgery.  And that’s when I had the really good fortune to find Dr. Cynthia and chiropractic.  It was music to my ears to be told that with time and chiropractic treatment, the body tends to heal itself.  Slowly, over a period of months, my pain lessened and I improved.  There were minor setbacks along the way, but I was in kind, caring and competent hands and always bounced back.  Then one glorious, ecstatic day, I arrived at my appointment with absolutely no pain at all.  It was as if I had thrown open the dark shutters of winter and found sunshine on my face, robins singing and cherry blossoms bursting open.  Thanks to Dr. Cynthia’s patience and perseverance with me, I have my life back and I am living a happy, normal, pain-free lifestyle for which I am eternally grateful.

At 72 years of age, I realize I don’t have a choice — I absolutely have to work daily at keeping my health.  My spinal stenosis, degenerative and bulging discs, have not gone away, but the pain has.  I give credit for this to chiropractic treatment.  This worked for me when two other systems didn’t.  I treasure heart and soul the gift of healing and the renewed pain-free life I have received here, at Back on Track Chiropractic.

Barbara H.

August 8, 2013

When I first came to Back on Track Chiropractic, I had to use a cane and was in a lot of pain in my lower back, legs, and hips. After examination of my spine and neck, Dr. Chris started me on adjustments three times a week.  By the end of the second week, I was walking without a cane.  For the next sixteen weeks, I received treatments twice a week.  I also attended classes in stretching techniques, essentials for a healthier body, posture and sleeping techniques.  All the classes are well presented by Dr. Cynthia and are a great asset in promoting self healing.  Along with my weekly adjustments, I was instructed in the use of a wobble board to increase muscle strengh in my lower back.  Back on Track Chiropractic does more than just treat aches and pains.  Their full interest is in the well being of the whole body and all the systems working together to keep us healthy and happy.

Nina W.

April 15, 2013

My original reason for seeking Chriopractic care was an old injury that had reappeared.  It was quickly adjusted and I was back to normal.

However, I have an aging difficulty call Essential Tremors.  My handwriting is affected by this, but is usually readable.  The day before I was to see Dr. Cynthia, my Mother-in-Law who is quite elderly, fell in her home and could not get up.  We went over immediately.  She assured us that nothing was broken, but her arm strength was weak and she could not get herself off the floor.  In the stress of the moment, I simply got behind her and brought her to a sitting position.  Then, by putting my forearms under her arms, I lifted her up while shifting her body to the right so that she was over the bed and let her down on it.

I didn’t realize that the effort had affected me at all.  However, the next morning, I tried to write a check.  My handwriting was almost illegible.  I was to see Dr. Cynthia that moring.  When she asked me how I was, I said, “Just fine.”  As she began her work, working her way up my back, she suddenly cried out, “Carole, you have all these knots in your neck.”  She busily began some energetic work to change this.  It was quite surprising to me that all this was happening as I really didn’t know I had a problem.

When I went to the desk to make my next appointment, I found that I could write the date and time on a card in a clearly legible way.  When I returned to finish writing the check from the day before, my signature was back to normal.  Writing is an important skill in my life.  Chiropractic Care is helping me keep it.

Carole J.

March 10, 2013

I wanted to thank Dr. Chris and Dr. Cynthia for all their care.  Also, I want to thank all the staff of Back on Track Chriopractic because they have been very good to me!  I came to the office with very little strength in my left leg, numbness, very lttle range of motion, I coult barely lift my left leg up.  I couldn’t play soccer or mountain bike.  Now a few months later, I have regained strength and motion in my leg.  No pain and I feel great!

Today, now I practice soccer and I started mountian biking again!

Thanks for all your help, Back on Track!

Gerardo O.

January 30, 2013

When I first came to Back on Track Chiropractic, I was in so much pain that I was severly limited in my everyday activities.  I had given up my daily exercise as well as was experiencing pain in everything, from bathing to sitting at my desk.  In 4 1/2 months of treatment, I am now back to 100% health with NO PAIN!  Dr. Chris and Dr. Cynthia explained what was wrong and what needed to happen for my body to heal itself.  As I performed the daily stretches and exercises and had my adjustments, I steadily improved to where I am today!  I can finally go through a day without thinking about my pain!

Lisa R.

November 14, 2012

I first came to Dr. Chris at Back on Track Chiropractic in September of 2012 because of an injury to my neck and left arm.  I injured my arm and neck the first Saturday of August while bringing groceries into my apartment.  I did not notice anything strange at that time, and continued to do my regular weekend tasks without any pain.  When I woke up on Sunday morning I was unable to move my neck and my left arm was numb as if it had gone to sleep.  I went to see my primary care doctor and she checked the arm and said she did not think I should worry, but if I wanted she would give me some pain pills and I said yes.  I took the pills for about three weeks but the pain and the numbness continued.  I  was at a loss as to what to do.  I called my son and asked him to go with me to Chandler Regional Emergency Room to try and get some help.  They took me in and took x-rays of my arm, head and neck.  They could not find anything and gave me some pain pills and a referral to a Neurosurgeon.  They thought that there was probably something that the Neurosurgeon could find that they couldn’t find.  When I called for an appointment I was told that the earliest I could get in was October 9th.  That was unacceptable to me.  My son suggested that I go to see a Chriopractor because he had recently been in a car accident and had seen a Chiropractor and was very pleased.  My older son also suggested I see a Chriopractor because his wife had started seeing one since their move to North Carolina and was very pleased with her results.  I called my insurance company to see if I had coverage and was told I did and they also gave me a list of Chiropractors in my zip code.  I immediately called Back on Track Chriopractic and was given an appiontment the very next day.  This was the second week in September and after seeing Dr. Chris for two weeks I had no pain and the numbness had started to ease up.  I am so happy that I found out about the wonderful services that Chriopractors do because my life is turning around and I am starting to feel much better than I had felt in years.  This has truly been a wonderful gift for me and I am thankful for Dr. Chris and Back on Track Chiropractic services.

Donna D.